Barra Rock and the Rhinos

With our connection to the environment and our strive to improve the planet with nature healthy products, Barra Rock has teamed up with the Umfolozi Game Reserve to help preserve the majesty that is the Black and White Rhino.

With the White Rhino at near threatened status and the Black Rhino at Critically Endangered. 

The unfortunate truth

We already see how 98% of the Black Rhino's range as disappeared.

Being lovers of the environment and animals we have decided to team up with Umfolozi Game Reserve and every purchase that is made through Barra Rock will make it to the Game Reserve and to helping to preserve and grow the rhino's population.

We would never want the last glimpses of the creatures to be seen as a piece of film or a picture in a history book. We have the opportunity to help save them and its our duty to try.

So join us in helping preserve these animals for future generations, be it by purchasing our environmentally friendly products or by contacting us directly to work with these organisation. You too can help save the environment and no one didn't say you couldn't have some rad sunglasses, watches or non-plastic products.

We thank you for taking your time for reading this, because if you got this far, then hopefully you are as inspired to help as much as we are.