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Who we are

Barra Rock is a dedicated team, who have setup up a online retailer to bring our custom made wood products and non-plastic products to life.

We decided in 2018 that the world was getting more and more full with plastic which was not only harmful to the environment, but also turned the natural beauty of our landscapes into eyesores. 
Harnessing the knowledge of our ancestors and artisans skill sets, we decided to bring natural products back into the outdoors. With wood Sunglasses and watches and plastic replacements we are taking back the future for our generation and next.

Located in the UK and in South Africa, we are a hard working bunch who have dedicated themselves to reach out and provide the best service and products we can. We play hard and party hard to enjoy life and hopefully that energy is transferred to yourself through our products.

Business Details:

Barra Rock LTD

Email : info@barrarock.co.uk
Address: 22 Beechdene Drive, Lisburn , UK

Employee List:

Carl McNeill
Erica De Decker
Hector Rodriguez


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