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Handbags online

Barra Rock is a online Bag & Luggage shopping experience. Started to provide a huge range of quality and beautiful bags that is normally hidden from the public eye. We arranged with experts to hand pick these choice bags to make sure that our collections stand out.

Get you handbags online here to suit you outfit and even get your hard luggage to keep your precious travel items and clothes safe. 

Bags online

Our Collections

From Duffle bags for the suave businessman and dedicated sports man, to the Classic designer Ladies’ evening bag for the girl who wants to show off. These bags are built for a purpose. To impress. So with out further ado, welcome to Barra Rock.
Our current selection of bags online are
  • Mens
  • Ladies
  • Kids
  • Backpacks/Rucksacks
  • Hard Shell Luggage
  • Soft Shell Luggage
  • Hand Bags
  • Carry Bags
  • Duffle Bags
  • Leather Bags

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Currently at over 160 available choices in a wide array of colours available with many more to come.

Backpacks online

Worldwide Delivery

We can provide these bags world wide, with top notch customer service that will ensure that your next purchase will be with confidence and satisfaction. Purchase handbags, backpacks and other bags at a touch of a button with our easy to navigate website.
Feel free to browse our Facebook Shop or visit our main website at, where our range of Backpack, Luggage, Everyday bag and special event bags are sported in great styles and variety.

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To all my good readers a Happy Valentines day too!